Oedipus Complex in S. Manto and D. H. Lawrence: A comparative Study

  • Dr. Farida Panhwar
  • Haya Fatima


In the beginning of 20th century the prose fiction writers and dramatists were highly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s (1913) psycho-analysis theory ‘Oedipus complex’ that explains the child’s sexual desire or fixation with the parent of the opposite sex and the competition with the parent of same sex. D. H. Lawrence, a modern English literary writer and Sadaat Hasan Manto, the prose fiction writer of Urdu language, are bonded together on one plinth of literary art by employing Oedipus complex. This article critically analyses, compares and contrasts the use of theory of Oedipus complex in the short stories ‘The rocking horse winner’ of Lawrence and ‘Dhuha’ of Manto. This is probably the first research in Pakistan that is going to discuss a socially prohibited topic like Oedipus complex in a comparative study in the writings from East and West.


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