Allama Iqbal and the Daily Dawn, Karachi 1948-1968

  • Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik شاہ عبداللطیف یونیورسٹی، خیرپور


In every civilized country, the national press plays a prominent role in reshaping its society and culture by discovering hidden truth, formulating though provoking ideas and presenting the balanced opinions of eminent scholars and intellectuals about various aspects of everyday life. In Pakistan this tradition has been continued by the English Newspapers whose survey reveals the immense treasures of knowledge preserved in their countless issues. In the following pages, a bibliography of all articles and editorials related with Allama Iqbal which were published during 1948-1968 in the daily Dawn, Karachi has been presented for benefit of the research scholars. It is hoped that this reference material would be used by the scholars of Iqbal Studies and prove helpful for a better understanding of life and ideas of this great star of the Orient.


References are given at the end of every article.